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About the Author


Rosetta Archer has a unique ability for addressing the challenges of life in a way that is easy to understand and apply to everyday life.  Two such challenges are overcoming the sorrow of grief and helping the brokenhearted.  With a heart of gold and a hand to hold, this "Jedi Master of Grief Relief", has positioned herself as a major voice helping those across the land Manage, Monitor and Measure sorrow caused by grief and loss. 


With a mandate to heal the hurting, as a speaker, workshop presenter and author, she delivers riveting, compelling and humorous, life changing messages.  You leave her presence enlightened, entertained, educated and most importantly, enabled and empowered to release the sorrow of grief.


Rosetta has studied the psyche, the “breath, spirit, and soul” of mankind, and has spent nearly two decades helping the hurting.  She is equipped to tackle the very personal and sensitive issues of human behavior.


She has authored her first book, Sunless SKIES, How to Release the Sorrow of Grief, and is currently co-host of the weekly television broadcast, the Truth Will Make You Free, with Dr. Robert E. Garner.  She has been featured on numerous national television and radio shows, reaching millions around the globe with her fresh perspective on life, loss and grief relief.  Rosetta is a graduate of Michigan State University and Pistis School of Ministry.

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