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Sunless SKIES, How to Release the

Sorrow of Grief will:

  • Help you understand, "What is grief?"

  • Help you Release the Sorrow of Grief

  • Give you tools you can use immediately to help yourself and someone else

  • Help reconcile Life Support decisions

  • Give you creative ways to keep a loved one’s memory alive

  • Help answer why you feel so guilty

  • Identify the Obstacles to Grieving

  • Help you move past your anger

  • Answer frequently asked questions

     ....and so much more 



Sunless SKIES, LLC

Grief Services, Panel Discussions, Seminars,

Conference Speakers, Trainings, Workshops,

Presentations, Educational Services,

for Self-Improvement; Spiritual and 

Family-oriented subject matters.

Special Worshops for Businesses


"I learned so much from the workshop.  I didn't realize grief is caused by

much more than loss of life.  Thank you; the workshop was excellent."


For more information,

 email us at or

complete the Contact Us form.

2018 Photos-Rosetta #2.jpg

Rosetta Archer - Proclaimed, "Jedi Master of Grief Relief"

Frequently Asked Question of the week:


Q.  "I have a shrine for my loved one in my home.  Should I remove it?"

A.  You may choose to have comforting reminders of your loved one.  Notice the word comforting.  If the items on display keep you depressed and in a state of grief, pack them up and put them away for safekeeping.  Also, consider others who will see your "shrine."  Other family members or loved ones may not be strong enough to handle the constant visible reminders."


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Please watch this video for a personal glimpse into our new book release, Sunless SKIES, How to Release the Sorrow of Grief. It is time to Live and Love Again after Loss.




Sunless SKIES, LLC offers grief and eductional services, including classes, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, conferences and more. Release the Sorrow of Grief today!

Welcome and Thank You!

Don’t just exist! Learn to Live and Love Again!

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